Linting engine using Facebook's Arcanist.

Review Request #200 - Created March 4, 2012 and submitted - Latest diff uploaded

Bogdan-Cristian Tătăroiu
Arcanist is mainly a command line tool for code review and revision
management. We will only use it for linting our source code _for now_.
The linter is pure awesome and it will check everything from naming
conventions, line width, uninitialized variables to file names and

Typing 'make lint' will download a copy of arcanist and libphutil from
github on the first run. It will then run the linter on any files that
you have touched during your commit, while mostly only looking on the
lines you've changed. 'make lint-all' will be a bit more thorough and
look at the entire files.
'make lint-repo' will run the linter on the entire codebase, which will
make you quietly weep.

From this point, either 'make lint' or 'make lint-all' (preferred) will
have to be run before any change posted for review.