Support for interactive tasks.

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Bogdan-Cristian Tătăroiu
This majority of this diff is the result of a 3 hour plane trip to
LHR. :)

Communication between the user and interactive process is achieved using
named pipes (also known as fifos). Named pipe are created using mkfifo
and refered to as paths on the file system. Once a process opens the
fifo for reading and another for writing, they are interconnected using
the same mechanism as anonymous pipes, used by every other judge out
there. Named pipes were used because they required significantly less
actual changes to jrun.

A jail folder will have this structure:
- interact                  (executable)
-               (symbolic link to user/user.out)
- interact.out              (symbolic link to user/
- user                      (folder)
-- user_{jobid}_{testno}    (executable)
--                  (fifo)
-- user.out                 (fifo)

This means that the user executable will not have access to the interact
process, but the interact process will have access to the users jail. 
This can be useful for providing data files for example.

The performance observed while running through jrun with '--no-ptrace'
was identical to what I've seen using an anonymous pipe system, which
is to be expected. Without '--no-ptrace' however, performance suffers
greatly, which is worrying and *needs* to be investigated. For this
reason alone, this should be considered experimental for now.


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Why 15 seconds?
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