Round ids with upper case letters bug

Review Request #72 - Created March 1, 2009 and submitted

Bogdan-Cristian Tătăroiu
This bug is only visible when caching is enabled (tests/round.php fails), since the database is (apparently) case insensitive and the cache is case sensitive.

All urls are normalized so admin/runda/tEst_Round becomes admin/runda/test_round. The round is stored in the database with id tEst_Round.  The parameter cache uses id tEst_Round to get round parameters, but it uses test_round to update them, so the parameter cache is never updated the right way.

I think the best solution is to just make all round ids lower case (this patch does that) to avoid problems somebody may have with normalized urls in the future.

Mircea Pasoi
Do we need to change the current round names in the database?
  1. Just Junior_Challenge
trunk/www/views/round_create.php (Diff revision 1)
I think we should say that you can only use lower case letter.