Make infoarena compatible with HPHP.

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Bogdan-Cristian Tătăroiu
- Implemented APC caching support since eaccelerator is not compatible
  with HPHP and although we support memcached, we do not use it on live.
- Replaced instances of create_function_cached with php anonymous
  functions. This bumps the PHP version requirement to 5.3, but it
  allows the code to work with HPHP, since dynamic function generation
  is replaced with staticly analyzable functions. This also removes a
  horrible, terrible hack in Textile.php which was storing the current
  instance of the Textile class being processed as a static variable so
  that it could be accessed by anonymous functions.
- Replaced occurrences of assert with log_assert.
- When running under HPHP, IA_HPHP_ENV is defined and is used to bypass
  some incompatible code (redundant ini configuration checks).
- Fixed some includes that were dependent on the working directory being
- Included a sample HPHP configuration file and a Makefile with
  compilation commands.


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This causes a crash on the site if the IA_HPHP_ENV is not defined. change it to: if (defined('IA_HPHP_ENV')) maybe? Adrian Budau Adrian Budau
why? what if you want to cache a function that's very cpu expensive that sometimes returns false?. Looks to me ... Savin  Tiberiu Savin Tiberiu
Adrian Budau
Adrian Budau
Bogdan-Cristian Tătăroiu
Bogdan-Cristian Tătăroiu
Savin  Tiberiu
Savin  Tiberiu
Adrian Budau
Bogdan-Cristian Tătăroiu
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